ISO 1C Catchments Container

ISO 1C Catchments Container

ISO 1C Catchments Container is fully equipped to be used to collect waste water from ISO 1C Lavatory Container, ISO 1C Cooker Containers, ISO 1C Dribling Water Reservior Container.

THE ISO 1CX CATCHMENTS CONTAINER (hereinafter referred to as 'the container') is fully equipped to be used to collect waste water from ISO 1C SANITARY CONTAINER, ISO 1C COOKER SET (COOKER A + B), and ISO 1C DRINKING WATER TRANSPORTER.

QUARTER ISO 1C CONTAINER is manufactured according to technical specification KAR-BOX 039-01. Container is introduced into Czech Army operation. Catalogue property No.: 011080815006.

Transportation of container

Czech Ministry of Transportation issued a Technical suitability certificate for this exchangeable superstructure No. N-1285. On railway, container is transported as "CONTAINER". During waterway transportation it is transported as "CONTAINER".

Stacking of Container

The producer allows to stock up to 4 fully loaded containers on each other. The containers must be safely secured under ČSN ISO 3874.

Container handling

Container is handled in compliance with regulation ČSN ISO 3874. Container can be handled in the following ways:

  • on container side mover on TATRA T-815 26 OR 81 36 255 - 8x8.2 as well as the on VOLVO Fl 12-8 x 4 with handling system KLAUS
  • on container carrier TATRA T-815 26 OR 81 36 255 - 8x8.2 equipped with MULTILIFT MK-IV hook lift with an adapter
  • on container carrier TATRA T-815 26 OR 81 36 255 - 8x8.2 equipped with transport platform FLATRACK 20 "M"
  • on side forklifts

CSC label

Container is labelled with CSC label according to regulation ČSN ISO 6346 based on authorization TZ-0637/04 issued by Czech Industrial and Naval Register in Prague.

Basic technical performance

This container is manufactured in compliance with technical regulations regarding the production of ISO 1C containers according to ČSN ISO 668, ČSN ISO 1161 and based on container production certificate issued by ČLPR Prague. Containers can withstand forces generated during road, railroad, waterway transport according to ČSN ISO 1496 -1.

The inside area of the container is lined by insulation sandwich panels (thickness of 40 mm) that are made from polyurethane foam ELASTOPOR SH 226/003. The panels are Al-plate-coated; the thickness of Al-plate is 0.8 mm.

The container's floor is made from isothermal floor panels with plywood and with the surface finish of non-slippery polyurethane resin. The floor panels are 50 mm thick.

The container is equipped with one plastic tank (capacity 6.5 m3). The tank is firmly connected with the container. Inside the tank there are wave breakers. Its top part is fitted with 7 lockable inlets through which the tank is connected to the waste outlets of these containers: ISO SANITARY, ISO 1C COOKER SET or ISO 1C DRINKING WATER TRANSPORTER. The tank contents are pumped away through a back outlet that is adapted to be attached to a cesspool truck. In order to detect the contents of the tank there is a lever gauge next to the drainage outlet. The rear container part is fitted with an accessories box.

The attachment of waste-generating containers to the ISO 1CX CATCHMENT CONTAINER is described in detail in those containers' manuals.

Container outside dimensions
Length 6 058 mm
Width 2 438 mm
Height 1 219 mm
Container inside dimensions
Length min. 5 235 mm
Width min. 2 138 mm
Height min. 800 mm
Volume 6,5 m3
Tare 4 314 kg ± 5%
Maximum Gross mass 12 000 kg

Operational Climatic Conditions

The container is serviceable in macroclimatic zones with climate N 14 (ČSN 03206) at:

  • a temperature ranging from -30°C to +52°C
  • a relative air humidity of up to 90% at a temperature of +30°C
  • an air flow speed of up to 20 m/s in all wind directions
  • a rainfall of 3 mm at an angle of incidence of 30° in all directions

Maintanance service and repairs of containers

Manufacturer ensures all repairs under guarantee, repairs, container inspections and container´s electrical installation inspections.


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