ISO 1C Cooker Containers

ISO 1C Cooker Containers

SO 1C Cooker Set consists of two ISO 1C containers connected by means of a connecting taken to form one independent unit. ISO 1C Cooker Containers are designed for the preparation, production and serving of melas, washing the dishes and accessories in field conditions.

The COOKER set is designed for the preparation and production of meals, for the washing of dishes and accessories in field conditions. Its equipment and interior layout allow for the preparation, production, and serving of 200 meals (2-3 dishes), soup + menu, for the washing of table wear and for the creation of working conditions for attending staff in field conditions. The COOKER set consists of two ISO 1C containers connected by means of a connecting taken to form one independent whole (ISO 1C COOKER A container + ISO 1C COOKER B container).

This container is manufactured in compliance with technical requirements regarding the ISO 1C containers according to ČSN ISO 1496-1. The container meets the decree of the Czech Ministry of Transportation No. 301/2001 Coll. and is classified as 'exchangeable superstructure'. The above Ministry issued a technical suitability certificate for this exchangeable superstructure
No. N-1285.

Containers can withstand forces generated during road, railroad, waterway transport according to ČSN ISO 1496-1 and can be operated on roads according to decree No. 301/2001 Coll. as a 'special exchangeable superstructure'. On railway, they are transported as special containers. During waterway transportation they are transported as container. Their design is based on the
approved container ISO 1C according to ČSN ISO 1496-1 that allows for handling on TATRA T815 26OR 81 36 255 - 8x8.2 with the Multilift MK-IV hook lift with an adapter as well as for handling on VOLVO FL 12-8 x 4 with the handling system KM 24 E - 293/S KLAUS Container side mover on TATRA T815 26OR 8136 255 - 8x8.2 equipped with the transport platform FLATRACK 20 "M" on a side forklifts.

The interior jacket and the roof area of the container are filled with 40 mm thick sandwich panels of ELASTOPOR SH 226/003 polyurethane foam. The surface of the insulation panels are coated with 0.8 mm thick modified aluminum sheets.

The floor of the container is made of 50 mm thick isothermic floor panels with plywood and anti-slippery polyurethane resin finish. The thickness of the floor panels is 50 mm.

According to a manual, the COOKER A+B containers must be fitted on two ISO 1CX CATCHMENT CONTAINERS, they can be connected to form one freely passable technological unit called the COOKER set.

The source of potable water is to be connected to a box marked 'potable water'. The wastewater outlets of the COOKER set must then be connected with the inlets of the ISO 1CX CATCHMENT Container. Each container is then connected individually to the mains supply in the boxes of inlet sources which contain two IRG 6353 63 A connectors, 400 V, 3 p+N+z. Feeding must be provided by mobile feeding cable CGSG 5x16 terminated with a 63 A/400 V/5 p socket that is not in the accessories of the container. The installed power input of the COOKER set is 83 kW.

Wastewater is discharged into waste outlets built in the floor. These outlets are connected to both ISO 1 CX CATCHMENT CONTAINERS by means of couplings with quick-turn closures that are included in the equipment of the ISO 1CX CATCHMENT CONTAINER.

The COOKER set is lit, air conditioned, heated, and fitted with a vapor separator. The containers of the COOKER set are entered through two doors. The left side is fitted with two serving windows and with one window where used dishes are returned.

Modern technological equipment, mostly of stainless materials, contains: two boilers, electrical frying pan, double sink, el. dishwasher, working tables and cabinets, electrically programmable convectomat 6x1/1 GN, el. stove with an oven, fridge and freezer, food processor, scale, heated serving tables, kitchen waste crusher, Gastro stainless dishes and other equipment necessary for the production, serving and washing of dishes.

The equipment does not contain: dishes, silver ware, plates, utensils and means for the initiation of the technological processing of food, cooking, dish washing, cleaning, and maintenance of the equipment.

COOKER A and B set dimensions
Length 6 058 mm
Width 2 438 mm
Height 2 438 mm
COOKER A 5 244 kg ± 5%
COOKER B 5 176 kg ± 5%

CSC label

COOKER A and B containers are labelled with CSC label according to regulation ČSN ISO 6346 based on authorizations TZ-0676/05 (COOKER A) and TZ-0677/05 (COOKER B) issued by Czech Industrial and Naval Register in Prague.

Operational climatic conditions

The container can be operated in a macroclimatic area with climate N 14 (ČSN 038206), i.e. at:

  • temperatures with limit values of -30°C up to +40°C
  • relative humidity of up to 90 % at a temperature of +30°C
  • air flow speed up to 20 m.s-1 in all directions
  • rainfall of 3 mm per minute at an angle of 30° in all directions

Maintanance service and repairs of containers

Manufacturer ensures all repairs under guarantee, repairs, container inspections and container´s electrical installation inspections.

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ISO 1C Cooker Containers

ISO 1C Cooker Containers

ISO 1C Cooker Containers


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