ISO 1C Dinning Hall Containers

ISO 1C Dinning Hall Containers

Dinning Hall consists of two-walled containers (container without side walls) and three-walled containers (container without one side wall). Joining several ISO 1C containers two-walled with ISO 1C container three-walled can create a Dinning Hall of various areas sizes. The dinning room can be connected to the food-serving container from Cooker Set. The room created in this way can aslo be used for various service-related, social or religious meetings, as a cinema, class room, storeroom, dormitory, etc.The so built Dinning room set can also be integrated in field hospitale where is serves as an operating theather, intensive care unit, bedroom, etc.

Joining several containers TWO-WALLED ISO 1C, type 5433, with one THREE-WALLED container ISO 1C, type 5434, can create a DINNING ROOM of various area sizes. The dinning room can be connected to the foodserving container from the COOKER set. The dinning room area is lit, air-conditioned and heated.

The room create in this way can also be used for various service-related, social, or religious meetings, as a cinema, classroom, storeroom, dormitory, etc. The so built DINNING HALL set can also be integrated in a field hospital where it serves as an operating theater, intensive care unit, bedroom, etc.

The DINNING HALL layout of meets NATO standards and therefore it can also be used by special task force, peace missions, or for applications in areas stricken with natural disasters.
DINNING HALL set - technical features

1. TWO-WALLED ISO 1C CONTAINER, type 5433 is a container without side walls that are replaced (during transport) by removable canvass sheets or by two sandwich panels that seal the side walls. The equipment also includes accessories for the connection of several containers and for other assemblies, for instance, for the connection of a DINNING HALL with a COOKER set.

The rear wall of the container is fitted with a single-wing entrance door with a fixed window and with an electric switchboard. The front wall contains a window with jalousie, outside security foil, and mosquito screen. The window can be opened or tilted. The container is lit with two ceiling fluorescent tube lamps. The floor is finished with anti-slippery coat and provided with anchoring loops to fasten transported material.

2.THREE-WALLED ISO 1C CONTAINER, type 5434 is a container without one side wall. It closes the DINNING HALL area on one or both sides. The side wall is replaced (during transport) with a removable canvass sheet or with a sandwich panel that closes off the side wall. The equipment also includes accessories for the connection of several containers. The other equipment is identical with that of the TWO-WALLED container.

3. Containers meets the decree of the Czech Ministry of Transportation No. 301/2001 Coll. and are classified as exchargeable superstructure. The above-said Ministry also issued technical suitability certificate for this type of exchangeable superstructure No. N-1285, ref. No. 17876/98-112 on 25.2.1998.

4. Containers can withstand forces generated during road, railroad, waterway transport according to ČSN ISO 1496-1 and can be operated on roads according to decree No. 301/2001 Coll. as a 'special exchangeable superstructure'. On railway, they are transported as special containers at a 'special cargo' tariff. During waterway transportation they are transported as a 'piece cargo'. Their design is based on the approved container ISO 1 C according to ČSN ISO 1496-1 that allows for handling on TATRA T815 26OR 81 36 255 - 8x8.2 with the Multilift MK-IV hook lift with an adapter as well as for handling on VOLVO FL 12-8 x 4 with the handling system KM 24 E - 293/S KLAUS Container side mover on TATRA T815 26OR 8136 255- 8x8.2 equipped with the transport platform FLATRACK 20 "M" on a side forklifts.

5. The interior of the container is filled with 40 mm thick insulation panels of ELASTOPOR SH 226/003 polyurethane foam.

The floor of the container is made of 50 mm thick isothermic floor panels that are stuck over with special ALTRO VM 20 antislippery flooring material. The floor is fitted with anchoring loops for the fastening of transported material, if any.

Container exterior dimensions
Length 6 058 mm
Width 2 438 mm
Height 2 438 mm
Container interior dimensions
Length min. 5 804 mm
Width min. 2 202 mm
Height min. 2 075 mm
Container weight
5433 two-walled 2 530 kg ± 5%
5434 three-walled 2 900 kg ± 5%


The producer allows to stack up to 4 fully loaded containers upon themselves. The container must be safely secured according to ČSN ISO 3874.

Maintanance service and repairs of containers

Manufacturer ensures all repairs under guarantee, repairs, container inspections and container´s electrical installation inspections.


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