Medium Container Sandwich Box Body (KSSSK)

Medium Container Sandwich Box Body

The Medium Container Sandwich Box Body with a built-in basic technology is designed for the integration of special mobile installations with possible modifications of microclimate for workshop, medical, supplies, switching, commanding, staff, controlling and other purposes without any special requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and without increased requirements for resistance against small han-held weapons.

The basic version of KSSSK can be additionally fitted with an alternative technology (filtration and ventilation equipment FVZ-98, D5LC independent hot-air heating including a fuel tank and a sealed heating box, CARRIER K4A air-conditioning unit including an air-conditioning unit box, medium container box body interconnecting panel with a carrier, FVZ control, heating and airconditioning control, small and low voltage switchboard cabinets, chargers, choking coils, and main lighting fixtures) as per the user's requirements depending on specific applications.

The structure of KSSSK is that of a panel type where a steel grill forms its load-bearing part and is fitted with the sandwich panels of the box body. The KSSSK grill contains four container components at a ISO 1D pitch. The sandwich panels of the box body are filled with polyurethane foam that has been introduced in and approved for the Czech Army. The panels are coated with 0.8 mm thick aluminum plates. The panels are 40 mm thick. The KSSSK body is glued by means of aluminum L bars.

The floor is made of 40 mm thick sandwich panels screwed onto the frame. The top coat of the floor panel is made of water-resistant plywood with an antiskid finish.

The body is equipped with an entrance door, roof air vents, various boxes as required by the customer, stairs with railing, ladders, roof rack, and bonding. The KSSK is hermetically sealed to prevent effects of combat warfare and radioactive agents. Its surface finish - upon special order - also provides protection against the means of reconnaissance within the visible and near infrared area of the electromagnetic spectrum and the use of decontamination mixtures.

Tactile-technical data

Outer/inner dimensions
Lenght 4 815 / 4 720 mm ± 8 mm
Width 2 447 / 2 358 mm ± 4 mm
Height 2 370 / 2 000 mm + 5 mm - 0 mm
Unladen weight 2 600 kg ± 2%
Effective weight 3 400 kg ± 2%
Total weight 6 000 kg ± 2%


  • 20´-VP transport platform fixed on T815 26265 8x8.1 R undercarriage
  • T815 26 WR 4517255 4x4.1/T with container traverses ISO 1D
  • FLATRACK 20´ transport platform - version M using T815 26 WR 4517255 4x4.1/T equipped with a singlearm container carrier CTS 14155-VP or CTS 14255-VP

Handling in the Czech Army

  • automotive crane AV-14, AV-15, AD-160, AD-20.2 and AD-28 with a suspension device TRAVERZA TR-6, rope clamp Z 20 LRT from the AD-28 set or short traverse and TRU-6500

Operating conditions

  • -30°C - +44°C at a relative humidity of up to 90% at +30°C

Passage through a contaminated zone with an overpressure inside the box of minimum 250 Pa.

Railroad transport - only when taken-down on a railroad car platform

Supply units

  • stationary connection to public network 3x400 V/50 Hz
  • on board - 2 pieces of special accumulator batteries 180 Ah, 12 V

Protection against dangerous contact voltage (DCV):

  • protection with automatic disconnection from source and with current protective switch
  • Min. time of emergency operation:
  • 2 hours (with own fully charged accumulator batteries)

Introduced in the Czech Army

  • Ref. No. 25004/50-2000-8082 29/06/2000
  • Catalog property No. 011 080 902 0003

Maintanance service and repairs of containers

Manufacturer ensures all repairs under guarantee, repairs, container inspections and container´s electrical installation inspections.

Photo Gallery

Medium Container Sandwich Box Body

Medium Container Sandwich Box Body

Medium Container Sandwich Box Body

Medium Container Sandwich Box Body

Medium Container Sandwich Box Body


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