Medium Van Body (SSSK)

Medium Van Body (SSSK)

Medium Van Body with built-in basic technology is designed for being mounted fast on the TATRA 815 216 WR45 4x4/13T chassis. This unit is suitable to pass through the railway profile according to the Czech standard ČSN 28 0312 with the total running weight. SSSK is fast connected to the cassis by means of bolted joints.

SSSK is designed for building up areas with facilities of specialmobile workplaces whose microclimate can be adapted for workshops, headquarters and other facilities of medical, supplying, communicating, commanding and controlling purposes, without any special requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) or resistance against small arms shots.

SSSK in the basic version enables the mounting of basic technology (filtering and ventilating equipment FVZ-98, air conditioning device Carrier K4A, hot air heating EBERSPÄCHER D5LC, electrical distribution system etc.)

SSSK provides collective protection against the effects of poisonous and radioactive substances by creating overpressure of minimum value 350 Pa in the gastight van body.

SSSK consists of a steel grid and sandwich panels. External walls and box walls are made up of different size panels connected by a special connection into one unit. SSSK has bevelled top side planes to enable passing through the railway profile.

At the back of SSSK there is a one-leaf entrance door with a window and a double closing system. Pull-out foldable stairs with five steps are situated at the back between the longitudinal members of the grid. Safe entrance and exit through the open door with a safety handle and a folding railing on the opposite side is provided. Solid-frame windows are embedded in side walls in the bevelled part.

Two roof ventilating holes 600 x 600 mm can be used as an emergency exit as well.

To get easily on the roof there is a ladder on the left side at the front provided.

SSSK boxes can be installed in the left front and left back corners of the van body as well as in the right front and right back ones.

Takticko-technická data

Outer dimensions of SSSK
Lenght 5 000 mm ± 8 mm
Width 2 440 mm ± 4 mm
Height 2 141 mm ± 5 mm
Inner dimensions of SSSK
Lenght 4 910 mm ± 8 mm
Width 2 350 mm ± 4 mm
Height 1 940 mm ± 5 mm
Mass of SSSK
In the bas. version without technology 1 750 kg ± 5%
In the bas.version with technology 1 970 kg ± 5%
Permissible actual load of SSSK
Floor 700 kg/m2
Roof 400 kg/plocha střechy

Gas-tightness, dust-tightness

As the inner space of the van body must fill the requirement of being hermetically sealed for the whole service life of the body, in this new product there must be overpressure kept by air feeding in the amount of 1.5 m3 for 1 m3 of the van body volume, minimum 350 Pa.

Handling the SSSK

SSSK can be handled using the bottom holes in the grid of SSSK by means of a suspension binding device "TRU 6 500" AND "DZP 6 500" and a crane of minimum carrying capacity 6 000 kg.

SSSK can be used all year round in areas where the climate conditions are within the range of the following parameters:

  • Surrounding temperature -32°C to +44°C
  • Altitude above see level to 3 000 m
  • Wind speed to 30 m/s
  • Rain to 50 mm/h
  • Relative air humidity 95% at +35°C
  • Dustiness to 30 mg/m3
  • Solar radiation to 1 125 W/m2
  • Ultraviolet radiation to 68 W/m2

Mechanical resistance

The construction of SSSK meets the following requirements:

  • Mechanical resistance according to STANAG 2914
  • for transport railway traffic, air transportation

Maintanance service and repairs of containers

Manufacturer ensures all repairs under guarantee, repairs, container inspections and container´s electrical installation inspections.


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