Sandwich Medium Van Body - Trailer (SSSK-P)

Sandwich Medium Van Body - Trailer (SSSK-P)

Medium Van Body – trailer is designed for building up technological equipment, a power system centre for supplying mobile workshops without any requiremens for electromagnetic compatibility. SSSK-P does not provide collective protection against the effects of poisonous or radioactive substances. Its is used as a trailer to SSSK on the TATRA chassis.

SSSK-P is built up of sandwich panels connected by means of edge strips right to the carrying frame of the trailer chassis PANAV PV 18 P.

SSSK-P is bonded from individual mountable units with bevelled side planes so that it can pass through the railway profile according to ČSN 28 03 12.

Entrance door - to enter the SSSK-P there is a one-leaf door with a solid-frame window at the back and folding stairs of four steps at disposal. Safe entrance and exit through the open door with a safety handle and a folding railing on the opposite side is provided.

Ladder - to reach the roof easily and quickly there is a ladder on the back wall on the left provided.

Boxes - There is the possibility to equip SSSK-P with boxes.

Tactical and technical data

Outer dimensions of SSSK-P
Lenght 5 000 mm ± 8 mm
Width 2 446 mm ± 4 mm
Height 2 116 mm ± 5 mm
Inner dimensions of SSSK-P
Lenght 5 410 mm ± 8 mm
Widht 2 356 mm ± 4 mm
Height 1 917 mm ± 5 mm
Mass 1 890 kg ± 5%
Permissible actual load of SSSK-P
Floor 700 kg/m2
Roof 400 kg/plocha střechy

Gas-tightness, dust-tightness

Because of the requirements for technological linking, the construction of SSSK-P does not provide gas-tightness of inner space.

The construction of the entrance door and the boxes in the closed transport position meets the requirements for dust-tightness of inner space.

SSSK-P can be used all year round in areas where the climate conditions are within the range of the following parameters:

  • Surrounding temperature -32°C to +44°C
  • Altitude above see level to 3 000 m
  • Wind speed to 30 m/s
  • Rain to 50 mm/h
  • Relative air humidity 95% at +35°C
  • Dustiness to 30 mg/m3
  • Solar radiation to 1 125 W/m2
  • Ultraviolet radiation to 68 W/m2

Mechanical resistance

The construction of SSSK-P meets the following requirements:

  • Mechanical resistance according to STANAG 2914
  • for transport railway traffic, air transportation

Maintanance service and repairs of containers

Manufacturer ensures all repairs under guarantee, repairs, container inspections and container´s electrical installation inspections.

Photo Gallery

Sandwich Medium Van Body - Trailer

Sandwich Medium Van Body - Trailer


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