Sandwich panels manufactured using injection-moulding technology in heavy-duty presses

Sandwich panels manufactured using injection-moulding technology in heavy-duty presses

The cover material of injected sandwich panels is aluminium sheeting (0.8 mm thick) made by Hydroaluminium of Norway, coated on the outer side with white polyester varnish. The panel core is polyurethane freon-free foam produced by BASF, injected into the cavity between the panel covers.

The panel polyester varnish (in ARCTIC WHITE shade not covered in the RAL range) is acceptable for indirect contact with food.
The maximum possible dimensions of the individual sandwich panels are 1200 mm x 2600 mm.

The individual panels can be connected to each other, the maximum sandwich board dimensions after connecting the panels being 2600 mm x 9500 mm.

The technological cavity which is necessary for the connection of individual panels is filled additionally with polyurethane foam so as to keep the thermally-insulating qualities of the whole sandwich board at the same level as of the individual component sandwich panels and to prevent the occurrence of a thermal bridge for the passage of heat. The panel cores are manufactured in volumetric weights from 55 to 85 kg/m³. The sandwich panels are self-supporting.

Reinforcements (e.g. for door hinges and closures, kick plates and securing strips, the cooling set, devices for transporting hung meat, etc.) and other components (such as cabling hoses, etc.) can be incorporated in the core foam. These components can be continuous through the whole width of a sandwich plate (max. 2.600 mm). Lengthwise along the sandwich board (max. 9.500 mm), however, these elements cannot run continuously through the whole board length due to the connections between the panels.

The sandwich panels are supplied with a foil to protect the external surface of the aluminium sheets against mechanical damage.

Individual injected sandwich panels can also be supplied with other covering materials.


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