Survival Container

Survival Container

The survival container is intended for use by integrated rescue system units during interventions.

The survival unit for at least 25 people consists of 1 container and 1 tent.

The container is assembled from sandwich panels filled with polyurethane foam providing adequate strength and thermal insulation of the whole container, and is manufactured using the tried-and-tested KAR-BOX technology. The inner aluminium lining sheet is surface-treated with white acrylate paint. The box body is approved by the Ministry of Transport of the CR and conforms to Regulation No.301/2001 Coll. It is classified as an interchangeable body. The Ministry of Transport of the CR issued a certificate on technical serviceability approval for interchangeable body type No. N-1285, Ref. No. 17876/98-112 dated 25 February 1998. The container is equipped with flat hook mechanism for a single-arm carrier as per standard DIN 30722.

In terms of its structure and design, the survival container meets the requirements for intervention in emergency situations. The external surface of the container is painted with acrylic paint in the colour required by the customer. The floor is constructed of floor sandwich panels 50 mm in thick. The top floor covering is PVC ALTRO. The container is equipped with sources of electricity, heat and water. The electrical distribution system including a switchboard provides lighting for the interior and exterior of the container, a power supply for appliances and the requisite exterior lighting with portable electric lamps, as well as exterior audio broadcasting. The container can be connected to external sources of electricity and water. The roof can be walked on and is accessible by means of a ladder attached to the container front wall. Both the left and right side walls can be adapted for attaching a tent shelter. The container equipment includes an extension cable, grounding cable, linking grounding conductor, extension cable with a drum, grounding pins, a waste water discharge hose, and a water supply hose.

The container is split into three sections:

Lavatory Section

The container lavatory section is divided into two separate parts accessible from the left and right sides of the container respectively through single lockable doors. Both the lavatory section parts are equipped with an ecological WC and a washbasin and, optionally, with a shower. Water tanks (for service and waste water) are located between the booths. The service water tank can be filled from an external source (water mains) or tank. The waste water tank is emptied using the pump located inside the tank. The delivery includes a sludge discharge hose. Both rooms are heated electrically and ventilated.

Kitchen section

The central section of the container – the kitchen compartment – serves to prepare meals and drinks. For this purpose, it is equipped with the following electrical appliances:

refrigerator 1 ks
microwave oven 1 ks
high-speed pot 1 ks
double cooker 1 ks

This room is also equipped with a kitchen unit with a sink and a continuous-flow heater, a water distribution system and an electric water heater. Waste water is discharged by means of a pump into the tank dedicated to this purpose. The boxes serve to store food and disposable kitchen utensils. The kitchen section is entered through a single lockable door with a horizontal-swing window on the left side of the container when facing forwards. When opened, this window is used to serve meals and drinks. A sliding window is located on the opposite side. The kitchen section is separated from the storage section with a fixed panel partition. When the customer requires the survival unit to be equipped with a radio and television set, this is usually installed in this space.

Storage section

The storage section is used to keep a power set (the power-set installation can optionally be designed in a separate box accessible from the container exterior), a tent including accessories, tables, chairs, folding beds and other materials as required by the customer. The shelves used to store materials are equipped with devices to secure the stored materials while driving.

The container storage section is entered through the rear top-hinged front. The rear front of the container tilts upwards using gas pressure props to form a roof for the transition (interconnection) space between the container and the tent. The delivery includes an interconnection tunnel attached to the rear top-hinged front (door).

Inflatable tent

The deflated tent in transport packaging is kept in the container storage section. The tent has a two-chamber inflation system with a pressure safety valve. The tubes are made of polyamide textile, rubber-coated on both sides. The roof is sewn from polyester latticed fabric treated with a polyurethane aluminium coating. Seams are sealed by a fabric tape pasted over. The floor is made of polyamide textile covered on both sides. Tensioning ropes ensure the tent remains stable. The tent is equipped with a thermo-insulating lining. Inflated, it accommodates at least 25 people sitting and 3 lying on folding beds. The beds are separated from the remaining space by textile partition walls. The tent is provided with interior lighting and heating. The inflatable tent equipment includes a compressor and a heating set. Hot air from the light fuel oil heating set is routed into the tent via a spiral hose. The tent colour is as required by the customer.

Container external dimensions including flat
Lenght 5 910 mm
Width 2 450 mm
Height 2 405 mm
Container internal dimensions
Lenght min. 5 520 mm
Width min. 2 360 mm
Height min. 2 040 mm
Weight 6 500 kg

Servicing and repairs

All warranty repairs, post-warranty service, and container and electrical inspections are provided exclusively by the manufacturer.

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Survival Container

Survival Container

Survival Container

Survival Container

Survival Container

Survival Container


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