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KARBOX was founded in 1960 as an independent bodybuilding company of Karosa, producing superstructures for trucks and special vehicles designed for both civilian and military use.

To date, Karbox has manufactured and supplied more than 20,000 pieces of various superstructures, containers and special atypical products. In recent years, one of the most important contracts has been the supply of logistics to NATO. Karbox has all the know - how at its disposal, both professionally and in terms of production, and is able to invent, draw and supply various types of superstructures and containers thanks to its designers. Karbox is certified according to EN ISO 9001: 2015, as well as AQAP 2110 and own approval for the production and repairing of certified containers according to CSC standards.

Karbox products work in a variety of climatic conditions and can be found on all continents. Karbox focuses not only on the design and manufacture of containers, but also on their service, modernization and possible modifications according to customer requirements. 

In 2015, Karbox became part of the Czechoslovak Group Holding, which continues the quality and tradition of Czechoslovak industry. 

Based on customer requirements, Karbox is able to design and manufacture superstructures and containers in various variants: 

  • Sanitary
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Storage
  • Special
  • Source 

Furthermore, special applications, such as engineering networks of military camps, various sub-products. 

The basic characteristics of our company's containers are the use of quality materials, production quality and the experience of our employees. These are proven designs in accordance with standards for certified containers not only for military use. We also manufacture containers in accordance with Stanag military standards for use in global climatic zones (for temperatures from - 33 °C to + 71 °C; -27,4 F to 159,8 F), transport in all possible ways, resistant to wind, sand, dust, humidity in tropical zones, or even resistant against fungi and viruses and possible decontamination. 

Container equipment is always developed in close cooperation with the customer and it‘s use: 

Containers and other products are tested according to legislative standards and specific customer requirements, especially according to STANAG for military use.

Containers, fixed bodies and other special solutions of Karbox Company are used by NATO army, Czech army, rescue services and other customers with regard to longevity and demanding condition of use.

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