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Half Laundry

The laundry container´s set is designed for collecting, washing, drying and dispensing laundry for up to 250 people in a continuous mode.

The set consists of two containers functionally divided into two parts

Washing and drying - 1 container
Collection and dispensing and storage - 1 container

Basic parameters of a laundry 

  • 2 pcs of certified containers according to CSC standards
  • stackability of containers for transport and storage 1 + 8
  • operational applicability in the climatic range from -31°C to +49°C
  • the containers are aligned with each other above the ground using a leveling legs
  • the containers are mechanically fixed to each other
  • the containers are equipped with mutual penetrations
  • the containers are insulated from each other with a rubber seal
  • water and waste management
  • wiring including lighting and data connection  
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