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Role 1 Medical Facility

Set of Role 1 Medical Facility consists of 26 pcs containers

The set is modular, which allows the expansion of the hospital, an alternative set of other workplaces, the selection of only the required workplaces.

The patient ward and the corridor are made of FlatPack´s containers.


Basic Parameters of the Set of Role 1 Medical Containers

  • 26 pcs of certified containers according to CSC standards
  • stackability of containers for transport and storage 1 + 8
  • operational applicability in the climatic range from -31°C to +49°C
  • the containers are aligned with each other above the ground using a leveling legs
  • the containers are mechanically fixed to each other
  • the containers are equipped with mutual penetrations
  • the containers are insulated from each other with a rubber seal
  • water and waste management
  • wiring including lighting and data connection  
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